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Web 2.0. plays a massive role in each of our lives. Its potential led to business development and fostered new concepts like electronic business and electronic commerce. These have proved to be extremely profitable electronic alternatives to the traditional way of doing business or commerce. Web 2.0 created a business revolution due to the shift […]

Digital Skills Digital transformation continues to be one of the most important issues facing boards, regardless of industry. Digital transformation has two distinct goals; to improve current operational effectiveness across all aspects of the organization, and to drive greater revenue through embracing technological innovation being adopted by customers in both existing, and new products and […]

Our addiction to digital technology has reached its apex. Already in 2017, addiction to smartphones was out of control, with new terms such as ‘smombie’ or ‘technoference’ emerging to describe the detrimental impact of mobile phones. And it seems the addiction hasn’t gotten any better. The average UK adult spends 2 hours and 34 minutes […]

Every year Google comes out with something new to keep search engine optimization professionals and marketers and business owners on their toes and this year in 2020 and going into 2021 they came out with something called core web vitals there’s going to be a Google update around this which could either help your rankings […]

A look at Google’s new page experience signals called Core Web Vitals, how to optimise for them and why they present an exciting opportunity for marketers. Back in May, Google announced a new ranking signal called page experience that’s due to roll out at some point in 2021. At the time, Google said the new […]

You’ll want your website to load as quickly as possible. And with Google’s “mobile-first” philosophy, you’ll want to be sure the mobile version of your site loads extremely quickly. In addition to the new changes to its algorithms, Google has confirmed that they will use your (Accelerated Mobile Pages) AMP page for calculating your Core […]

In 1997, at a cocktail party, the idea of ​​affiliate marketing was born. This is an internet-based sales solution in which a publisher (also known as an affiliate) integrates advertising material from an advertiser (also known as a merchant) on his website and is remunerated by the advertiser based on success. In this context, success-oriented […]

Let us know the history and development of individual online marketing disciplines in numbers. This information is not absolutely necessary for practical work. On the other hand, in an age in which more and more budgets are being shifted from conventional media to digital marketing, a deep understanding is not a disadvantage either. For readers […]

It’s that easy: Make smart short videos for friends and family – at home and only with your own smartphone. Video greetings for family & friends Many don’t see family and friends right now. Personal video messages can help bridge this unwanted distance. With these five tricks you can create cute short films in an […]

In the current exceptional situation, content is more necessary than ever for corporate communication – and especially now it cannot be produced under “regular” conditions. What matters during (and very probably after) the “Corona crisis” when it comes to content for successful corporate communication, which content formats are booming and how companies get good, relevant […]