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Business Automation & CRM Integration

If there are time consuming activities in your business that are bringing you down, we can help you to automate them, streamline them and make them digital.

Many businesses we speak with have grown quickly, based on paper-based manual processes, or Excel spreadsheets. As the business grows, more people are added, more work is generated and admin staff are needed. Everything slows down, impacting your ability to grow and increasing your costs.

Every business is different

It may sound obvious, but different companies need different things from their CRM. Building companies need to store different information to mortgage companies, and finance companies need to store different information again and need to access different systems or automate different processes.

To deliver CRM that’s customised to meet your every need, we keep in mind the following points.

1. Store the right data

It sounds simple, but the first step is to make sure your CRM can store the data you need.

What’s important to your business ?

What data do you need (or what data would you like to have available) to operate most effectively

The digitalBE produce such combination of solutions which gives maximum and easy automation to your business process. We do research on your business pattern and bridge out with possible CRM which mostly available as open source.

2. Store it in the right structure

A big list of custom fields is great, but most businesses need something a little more organised than that.

For example, A hotel may be satisfied with having a simple custom field “Total nights stayed with us“ , but perhaps they’d rather have a list of each individual stay, including the price paid, the start date and duration of the stay.

With a customized or specially developed CRM you can store the data in ways that makes sense for your business, your way – and if you’re not sure, our consultants can offer you practical advice.

3. Make it useful

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Now onceyou have a CRM with all your data, in the right format. But this is hardly useful if your team can’t make use of it to improve service, sales and marketing performance.

In a customised CRM, all of the data can be made easily available to those who need it, in a pleasant, useable format which can be searched, filtered, exported to excel, reported on, charted, dashboarded and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) set against it and measured, or used internally within the CRM for marketing campaigns.

4. Connect your existing systems

We use to work hard to make the automation for you completely useful to the way you do business.

Once the basic building blocks are there, the powerful tools within CRM allow you to connect your CRM solution to the rest of the business, and the rest of the world.

What is CRM integration ?

CRM Integration means linking other applications and services to your CRM system. This could be as simple as automatically synhronizing your customers between accounting software and your CRM or other business systems you rely on to run your business.

Why would you do it?

Integration of your business systems is a great way to reduce manual processes, data entry and errors. Data is entered once, and pumped into other systems as required. A reduction in manual effort on repetitive tasks frees up time for more productive uses.

What sort of systems can we integrate with?

Pretty much anything. If you have a business system that requires manual data entry, chances are we can automate it.

Connect business systems to CRM

  • How many programs do you run in or around your business?

  • How much time is wasted copying data from place to place?

The digitalBE CRM integration excels at linking together your internal and external business systems, to deliver you a competitive advantage. In fact, we’ve never found a business system we couldn’t somehow link to.

What does that mean for me?

Imagine an online retailer using drop-shipping.

  • A customer comes to your website, and views the products in your online store. Fortunately, you have the product they were looking for, because you added it to CRM this morning, and it was seamlessly synched to your website.

  • The customer reviews his order, and makes his payment using payment gateway and moments later, you have the money in your account.

  • You open your integrated CRM and you see the order details are present. The customer has already been sent an email advising of the approximate delivery date and thanking them for the order.

  • Your supplier has already been provided with the details for the drop-ship, and given you a consignment note number which your CRM has already emailed to the client, and stored in case the client calls with any query.


The best thing is, this happens hundreds of times per day without your manual intervention.

What sort of systems can we connect to ?

Anything. We’ve linked to banks, we can link to suppliers, partners, web conferencing systems, custom internal systems, fulfilment providers, couriers.

We can connect to computers and systems to activate accounts, generate licence keys, send emails, or SMS messages.


Programming Services

If you have complex requirements, a difficult challenge and you’re worried if it’s possible or not, don’t worry. We provide programming and custom software development expertise to Indian businesses from all types of industries, and of all sizes.

It doesn't matter where in the process you are, we are sure to add value to your project. We see businesses with a wide range of issues, challenges and ideas. With our years of experience, there is not much we haven’t seen or done.

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How can we help you ?

  • Custom Software Development – design, build or modifications.
  • Integration of Business Systems/Applications, web services.
  • Automating task, process & functions
  • Streamlining how businesses work.
  • Website integration and back end systems
  • Customer Database. Design, build or modifications.
  • CRM Software Integrations.
  • Online & E-commerce Solutions,
  • Business Analysis consulting.

If you have complex requirements, a difficult challenge and you’re worried if it’s possible or not, don’t worry. With our years of experience, there is not much we haven’t seen or done.

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