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digital wellbeing 2020

The status of Digital Wellbeing in 2020

Our addiction to digital technology has reached its apex. Already in 2017, addiction to smartphones was out of control, with new terms such…
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How to Optimize for Core Web Vitals- ‘Page Experience’ Signal

A look at Google’s new page experience signals called Core Web Vitals, how to optimise for them and why they present an exciting…
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video greetings

How to create video greetings at home

It's that easy: Make smart short videos for friends and family - at home and only with your own smartphone. Video greetings for…
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content prodution

Tips for content production in turbulent times

In the current exceptional situation, content is more necessary than ever for corporate communication - and especially now it cannot be produced under…
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Successful Landing Pages: 11 Must-Have Elements

In this era of online marketing, a successful landing pages is not a luxury, it's a necessity. In most cases, the difference between…
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Building a Successful Niche Website

If you are interested in building a niche website that ranks in Google and makes some money along the way, this guide is…
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How to extract images and other content from Office documents

Extract Images from Office Document Here is a quick tip to extract images and other content from Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or OpenOffice documents…
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Downgrade Your Android Phone to a Previous Version

How to Downgrade Your Android Phone to a Previous Version

Not everyone appreciates the changes when new Android versions hit devices. If you want to switch back, it’s sometimes possible to downgrade your…
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how to diable google chrome tab hover card

How to Disable Google Chrome’s Tab Hover Cards

Tab Hover Cards in Google Chrome help you discern tabs from one another when you have numerous pages open. The feature is enabled…
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