Core Web Vitals- Impact on SEO

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Every year Google comes out with something new to keep search engine optimization professionals and marketers and business owners on their toes and this year in 2020 and going into 2021 they came out with something called core web vitals there’s going to be a Google update around this which could either help your rankings or could hurt your rankings.

In this article, are will read about Core Web Vitals and the things that you need to do so that you can be successful and you can get a boost from the core web vitals Google update that’s gonna happen in the future let’s go ahead and dive into it. 

The first thing let’s go over just a little bit of the evolution of how we got here and then next we’re gonna get into why you need to pay attention to that following that we’ll get into some quick things that you need to know and you’ll have all the information that you need on core web vitals.

The Evolution

Google looked at how fast the page loads right they came out with 

  • the page speed 
  • the mobile-friendliness 

Two things that are now reported inside a Google search console and their ranking factors and then next they’ve come out with core web vitals so core web miles it’s pretty straightforward it looks at three different things it looks at 

  • speed
  • responsiveness 
  • visual stability 

Why did Google do this?

The Google update is going to be coming so that’s one thing that you need to know as far as why they are doing this it’s a Google update coming. They create this report around it and the report is going to make sure that you’re prepared and you can get ahead of it for the Google update that’s reported is in Google search console but in addition to that they’ve updated other popular tools as well so they also updated lighthouse which is a really popular tool and they also updated the Page Speed insights tool as well so those are three different places where you can look at core web vitals and then in addition to that they’re going to be helping third parties as well who are creating reports for webmasters on integrating core web vital metrics in there also they made it so that AMP is no longer needed for top stories.

What about AMP ?

So if you’re not familiar with top stories in Google News and on the mobile version within the news area of the mobile site you can see stories up there that are from AMP pages and before you had to have only AMP pages to show up there there are special things you need to do to configure that so now you are not going to need that with this new core web vital updates AMP is no longer gonna be necessary as long as you’re following some of these important things and then finally they are going to be updating all the developer tools around this as well so now that we know a little bit about the evolution and some of the things that are important and why you need to know and why Google has done this.  

Google has gone on record saying that they’re gonna continue to look at these important things around experience as we move into the future for SEO rankings so this isn’t going to be the only experience thing that they do this is just the first thing that they’re doing and they said that inside of their blog post that they wrote on the topics so next when you look at actually what core web Bibles are and then how they affect search signals for a page this is how it works okay so core web Bibles are the loading right so how fast does the page load does it load correctly interactivity can people interact with the page correctly and then visual stability right. 

Is Core Web Vitals stable?

Is it stable so when the page loads don’t jump around if you click a button does it move and things like that but in addition to that you’ve got these other elements that also impact the page so is it mobile friendly is it safe for browsing is it on HTTPS right is it a secure page and are there no intrusive interstitials so this is the chart that Google’s come out with that shows outside of content and links and some things being technically incorrect that can also have a big impact these are the core Web vitals and then the other important search signals for a page so now you know what those look like so it’s important to keep in mind that this is just one core web vitals is really kind of just one bucket out of hundreds of signals for Google and then also it does not override great content?

Google has come out and they said that it does not override great content is still the most important thing so core web vitals my main takeaways for you go inside a Google search console check out the new core Web vitals report make sure you don’t have any errors in there. 

Individual things you’re gonna want to work through that process while you’re doing that don’t forget that it’s just one out of hundreds of signals you’ve got until they’re saying the end of 2020 or early 2021 before this update comes out and Google’s gonna be coming out with more information to get you to core web vital safe so that’s it for core web miles today.

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