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Examination Evalution Automation

The OMR (Optical Mark Reader) Solution helps to automate test evaluation, analysis, and reporting process as well as the registration/admission and attendance process. It is fast, using minimum processing power to process forms and enhances the work efficiency and effectiveness.

Automation of the knowledge society is a complex process due to its ever-changing need. Students also get smarter every year. To match these expectations, you need intelligent OMR solutions. This used to be a challenge for even the best of educational institutions, until very recently.

Digital BE along with its associates is committed to delivering an entire range of Examination Evaluation using OMR Answering Sheet and Software solutions which helps the educational institutions to automate the examination process.

Having years of experience and after long deliberation and research, Digital BE has come out with an entire gamut of solutions customized for Educational Institutions. These solutions can help the institutions to upgrade the typical in-house solutions with intelligent and innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of even the brightest students and seasoned faculty.

Fast & Accurate

Cost Effective

Easy Processing

Advance Reporting

The OMR (Optical Mark Reader) Solution helps to automate test evaluation, analysis, and reporting process as well as the registration/admission and attendance process. Simulating the actual examination and standardization of post-exam processes are two of the most challenging things to achieve. Our leading solution enables you to simulate and standardize the evaluation of exam sheets, analysis of the result, and its compilation. Results generated through our solutions give the most precise evaluation if we compare them with the actual examination.

Effective Copyrighting

The compiled results are shown graphically as well, helping you understand them in an easier and aesthetically pleasing way. It gives you the capability to use OMR templates printed on simple A4 sheets, saving the cost of expensive OMR sheets. It also enables you to read and store data from other forms as well like registration/admission forms, leave application forms, feedback forms, and survey forms, etc. It also enables you to automate the attendance taking process. The machinery takes only a few minutes to process thousands of OMRs.

Advantages of using OMR

 • OMR is a data collection technology that does not require a recognition engine. Therefore:
     › It is fast, using minimum processing power to process forms
     › Costs are predictable and defined
     › OMR capture speeds range around 4000 forms per hr
 • Enhances the work efficiency and effectiveness
 • Minimizes chances of human errors
 • Helps students identify the mistakes when they fill the bubbles on OMR sheet
 • Enhances the overall performance of the student for the final exam
 • Automatic analysis of the result
 • Reduces cost due to significant time saving and reduction of human effort
 • Facility to capture the images from OMR sheets and help management to store and manage signature and photograph of the students
 • Generation of different kinds of reports, even with images.
 • Follows zero error tolerance mechanism.

OMR Software Output and Features

• Advance and Automated Marking 
• Student Report Output (In PDF, Word, Excel).
• Image Cropping (Student Signature, Student Photo).
• View/edit the information, wrongly filled in the OMR sheet.
• ID/Hall Ticket/Admit Card Generation.
• Response Re-usability.
• Graphical Report Generation after Examination.
• Response Edit Log
• Duplicate Entry Identification.
• Barcode & Litho code.
• Template free
• Works with any document scanner (Even A4 Page is supportable).
• Additional Information files in Excel or CSV format can be attached
• Support different sets of answer sheets.
• Reads both Colored scanned image (OMR)and color dropped out images.
• Reads both single and multiple colored OMR sheets.
• Export Data/Result Support (PDF/Word/CSV/XLS).

We provide a systematic and professional approach to the management of IT service and enhances customer satisfaction through a more professional approach to service delivery.

OMR Test Sheet Reader 

Used as a basic reader for the OMR Answer Sheet Checker process, where certain types of OMR blocks like Question, Roll Number and Test ID have to be treated differently for further processing. It can be customization to read certain information. 

MCQ Test Scoring & Reporting

Extended reporting interface for detailed reports like Question Paper Analysis, Student Assessment Report, Student Progress Graphs, Batch Comparison Graphs, and Charts, etc.

OCR & ICR Reader

OCR (for pre-printed numbers) and ICR (for handwritten) are only used as supportive tools to help in data collection as technically it is not 100% accurate like OMR. Manual interpretation and correction are required.

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