How to Create High Conversion Lending Page

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A  good landing page is now a trend to attract visitor by giving brief information about the business and services and convert visitors into leads. Generally, Landing Page must carry a lead capture form which drives user action, which distinguishes them from the other pages at the website. The users gain the access to exclusive offers or deals at this page which makes them induce to fill the inquiry or order form.

In other words, the website landing page is a medium to attract the target audience to convert into a lead and finally into a customer. This makes the importance of designing the landing page in an effective manner with a great sense of content. An aesthetically designed and managed with proper navigation and link with the other pages of the website becomes a suitable reason to maximize the conversion matrix.

In addition to generating leads, now landing pages are a very effective way to collect specific information about which of your website visitors are converting or engaging with your business. You can get a deeper insight into your audience with this information in hand, which helps your brand nurture them along the sales generating process.

Due to the importance of landing pages to your B2B marketing campaign, you’ll want to make the most of the traffic to this page and maximize the number of conversions. That being said, optimizing conversion rates on your landing pages becomes much easier if you keep these fundamental principles in mind:

1. Just not brand also focus on the offer 

It’s is fine that you want to grow your company with a better promotion, keep in mind that landing pages are meant to direct your prospects to a particular offer and not toward your company in general.

As soon as your prospects reach your landing page, they should instantly see the same content they have been offered in the ad or call-to-action button that they clicked. Avoid to include a lengthy list of your company’s achievements in your niche market.

Apart from matching the content on your CTA and landing page, you can also use similar design elements on the two as a way to indicate that your prospects are on the correct landing page. In fact, matching the layout gives the visitor a confidence that the landing page is just a summary of the website and is a part of the complete website.

2. Get Rid of Distractions

Your landing page should be free of clutter such as multiple CTAs or multi-side navigation bars, as these can confuse your prospective customers and drive them away from converting.

A proper landing page should look quite simple, offering a single, easy way for your visitors to perform the action they need to do to access their offer.

3. Use Simple Conversion Forms

The lead-capture or conversion form on your landing page should be easy and fast to fill out. A good rule of thumb is to ask for only the basic information, enough for your sales or marketing team to qualify them as a legitimate lead. You can also use the auto-complete features and relevancy filters like State-City etc.

Also, keep in mind that the visitors may filling the conversion form through a mobile handheld device, so it shall be easy in filling with a qwerty keypad. Conversion forms should also be easily submitted on mobile devices, so you have to ensure that the text is visible on mobile screens and the buttons are large enough for touchscreens.

If you have to ask for more than their personal information, like their company affiliation or what their annual revenue is, be ready to match the amount of time and effort they put in with something really useful for them, such as exclusive content or extremely well-targeted content.

4. Create Compelling Copy

From the headline to your CTA, the text on your landing page should be clear and concise. Including clear and straightforward descriptions of what your landing page visitors will receive when they complete the registration process.

For SEO purposes, include keywords that are commonly used in relevant search queries as well. But your copy should focus on explaining what the offer is and how it will benefit the user.

5. Avoid Too Many Links

“A place for everything, and everything in its place” can be applied when choosing where to put your links, and it’s certainly not on your landing pages.

You want your prospects to click your CTA button and nothing else, especially not an external link as that might mean a lost opportunity to convert someone.anatomy of perfect lending page

6. Enable Social Sharing

Your landing page message is a great opportunity to create something shareable on social media. Including social buttons makes it easy for your visitors to spread the word about your offer.

Social shares of your landing page serve as a trust indicator, highlighting your status as an industry expert or authority among your visitors.

Use URL Shorteners for the chat apps like WhatsApp, the shorten URL can also be used at emailers campaigns with the landing page link.In this manner, you would be able to measure the volume conversion value through each medium.

7. Enhance Your Lending Page with Images

You can add a touch of creativity and personality to your landing pages through videos and images that help you connect with your audience on a more personal level. Images capture a user’s attention and increase the chances that they’ll linger on the page longer, giving you more time to deliver your message to your prospective customers.

Adding images or videos is also a practical way of showing snippets of the actual content that you’re giving your visitors. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

8. Keep It Above the Fold

The space “above the fold” is simply the content that a visitor sees as they land on your page. So, it’s important that you include everything you need to immediately convince a reader of the value of your offering in that space. Every page loads in a certain pattern on different size devices, so you need to check your landing page on different devices.

Make sure you’ve got a compelling headline that catches the user’s attention and that your CTA button is clearly visible. You may further use floating CTA button to make sure that the visitor can click it anytime as it is readily available throughout the scroll of the page. You’ve got a short amount of time to convince a visitor to stick around, so make sure you knock their socks off as soon as they arrive on your landing page.

Landing Pages Need to be Tested

As tried and true as these principles may be, remember that they’re just guidelines for establishing your landing page design. The work doesn’t stop there!

At this point, you need to collect performance data on your landing page by gathering feedback or using an analytics tool. Proper analysis should indicate where potential improvements can be made, and allow you to make educated decisions on what to A/B test.

Think about it as a continuous process that you’ll have to continue over time. For optimal results, keep gathering and analyzing your landing page data, making improvements one step at a time.

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