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If you intend to increase the volume of traffic to your site from Google,then below mentioned are a few of the important tips that you need to follow.

All of the business websites want a significant volume of traffic to come to their websites. This is not only beneficial for the generation of potential leads but also is quite effective for the enhancement of the credibility of the businesses.

There are two things which digital marketing takes care of at its best. So, if you intend to increase the volume of traffic toyour site from Google, then below mentioned are a few of the important tipsthat you need to follow.

Important Tips to Increase Your Site Traffic

1)     A Good Foundation is Necessary

A very poor structure of a website and the overall information architecture can loom as a great threat to even the best SEO campaigns there by reducing the flow of traffic. Now, at this point in time, if your business website gets difficult for the users to navigate and Google to crawl then it is quite obvious that the rankings of your site are going to suffer. Thus, it is of immense importance, to begin with, a solid foundation. Moreover, you should be thinking about usability first which is basically the pathway to success.

2) Go for a Technical SEO Audit

Performing a technical SEO audit of your website can play a vital role in increasing your site traffic form Google. It has been found that the Google algorithm incorporates several of signals along with machine learning for the determination of search rankings. Thus, performing an SEO audit gives you an exact idea of your website and steps can be taken accordingly to increase the search rankings. Sticking to the basics of SEO services would be helpful in this regard.

3) Removal of Duplicate Content

Duplicate and similar contents are many times related to several technical issues. The most common in this regard is the multiple versions of the same page. So, it becomes extremely important to fix all of the duplicate content that exists on your website.

4) Optimizing for Mobile is Necessary

For effective digital marketing service, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Google has already rolled out the mobile-first index, each of the websites needs to clear the mobile-friendly test. Thus, it is quite essential to optimize your website for mobile-friendliness. If you wish to avoid a mobile ranking meltdown, you should necessarily be doubling down on mobile tasks as well as performance. For the tasks, you need to think about what the users want to do on your website when to visit it. All of the tasks they need to perform should be smooth and without any kind of interruptions or difficulties even at the time of multitasking. Make sure that all of the tasks can be accomplished by the users effortlessly on your mobile-friendly site. In addition to this, it is to be made sure that the performance of the website is smooth.

5) Optimizing for Speed

The next tip to keep in mind is to optimize the speed of your website. It is extremely important to continuously monitor the speed of your website for both mobiles as well as desktop. It is recommended to keep on improving the speed of your website which would prove to be quite beneficial in increasing your site traffic from Google. Here are the three important things that you need to check for the speed optimization process. First of all, you need to check the image file size. Here you need to use the image editing program before uploading so that you are able to further optimize the image with the help of image compression as well as optimizer tool. Secondly, you need to check the browser cache. At the time when a web browser loads a page, a number of other resources loads as well. Browser caching stores these resources locally on the computer of the user. So, in this way, when the user goes to a different page, the resources need not be loaded again which enhances speed. Thirdly, you need to take care of script handling. Before the loading of innumerable CSS and JS files for improving your website, you need to ensure that you actually need those extra augmentations since they slow down the speed of the website. So, it would be ideal to minify the files by stripping comments or merge a number of scrips into a single file if possible. 

6) Working on the Links

Internal as well as external links have a significant impact on the ranking of the website. So, it is necessary to work on the links. First of all, all of the broken links are required to be fixed. Then it is needed to check that there is no exact match with the anchor text and ultimately get notice of the mentions of your business website by setting a Google alert. This helps in keeping a track of brand mentions throughout the web. After all of these tips are followed, go for an on-page optimization which is quite vital for a successful digital marketing campaign thereby increasing your site traffic from Google. 

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