One step further towards digital India mission: Benchmarking

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The digitalBE objectively started to provide digital support to the small business owner to promote them up to the maximum extent at web world. To increase the revenue in real terms every business house needs to promote online. The digital business engine having an intention that the information provided on this website gives you enough guidance to be able to reasonably evaluate your organization’s success, progress, and needs with respect to digital transformation. It should be possible to develop an executive summary from the analysis of the current state vs. evaluation criteria.

In order to do this most effectively, it is useful to have a benchmark. At digitalBE, we have developed a benchmarking system that accounts for needs, requirements, and desires, in conjunction with best practice, industry sector and standards.

Whilst our full offering comprises of detailed assessment incorporating user feedback, industry insights and benchmarking analysis, we have provided an ‘express’ version that you can perform yourselves.

How in-depth you go is down to the time you are willing to commit and the access you have to relevant information and systems. In fact, the pursuit of information will itself reveal, to some extent, the success of your organization’s transformation efforts thus far. It will certainly illustrate if internal communication is working effectively, if sensible
document management is in place and if transactional systems are satisfactory and in line with the objectives of your business.

First: Familiarise yourself with the Evaluation Criteria outlined in the following pages and identify what you would personally consider being the benchmark for each specific element, based on your experience of other organizations doing it well, your desires for how it should or could be and how effective it needs to be with respect to your business needs. Allocate this with a maximum score of ten.

Second: Review each criteria element of your own organization with respect to your benchmarks and record your assessment out of the maximum. Try to be as objective as possible, avoiding being swayed by personal chagrin.
You may also wish to consider the importance of each element within your organization. If an aspect is less necessary (or not at all needed) to achieve business goals, then it can be weighted accordingly.

Third: Total all your scores out of ten for each criteria element, divide by the maximum available score and multiply by one hundred. This is your basic digital transformation index.

Fourth: To improve the significance of the basic index, get as many people as you can to perform steps 1 to 3 and average all their indices. For greater accuracy and insight, average each element separately and add these together for the total. Just by performing this exercise with a few representative people from your organization (or even a customer, if you dare!), you will gain an understanding of how digital performance is being perceived by those
closest to it, and with the greatest vested interest.

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