Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure

Are you a fresh business needing professional PPC Management? Or maybe your current pay per click management company isn’t getting you the most bang for your buck. Either way, digitalBE can help. We learn your business inside and out, engage with your team to learn your goals, history, seasonal trends – anything to help get you ahead – and deliver comprehensive PPC management services based on your needs.

We specialize in multi-tasking. Successful PPC management requires us to stay on the leading edge of the latest technologies and strategies. We also use proven pay-per-click management practices to expose your business to a wide audience.

We follow a successful five-step plan for Pay Per Click management:

  1. PPC Management Research and Planning
  2. PPC Management Keyword Analysis
  3. PPC Management Strategy
  4. Landing Page Deployment and Testing
  5. Ongoing PPC Management

Following this cycle helps us keep your brand present and fresh in the eyes of consumers.

The digitalBE PPC Management is a full-time service.

PPC Management is not something you can just fire and forget. It requires constant reevaluation of what’s new and what’s already working. At digitalBE, the assigned account manager aims to work for however long it takes to get you to the top. Then we’ll take what we’ve learned and go through it again. Rinse and repeat.

Paid search media strategies encourage room for growth. In general, other PPC management agency will not help your business form a solid foundation and then cultivate it to a prosperous future.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is a critical part of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy. There is no better time to advertise than when someone already has determined they want your product or service and is actively looking to buy.

In a nutshell, you bid on the keywords related to your business to get your ad in front of users and pay the search engine a small fee if your ad gets clicked.

If your campaign is set up right, this can be a very profitable way to get in front of potential customers who are actively looking for your solution. However, a badly designed campaign can waste a lot of money.

As you can probably imagine, running a successful paid search campaign requires a lot of time and attention. The digitalBE assigned account manaters, constantly monitor and optimize our clients’ accounts to ensure the best results possible.

Paid search marketing isn’t easy, but the results can redefine success for your business.

Facebook Advertising

With well over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world.

Taking advantage of that platform, however, can be a difficult challenge.
To succeed on Facebook, advertisers need to understand how to drive user engagement and effectively use audience targeting to get the most out of their advertising budget.

The digitalBE professionals knows how to put the right kinds of advertising in the right places on Facebook and create great results for your company.

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Display Advertising

Successful display advertising proactively targets new customers by placing interesting, relevant ads in front of them when they’re most likely to convert.

In today’s banner-blind world, it takes a lot of strategy to win at display advertising. You have to know when, where and how to use it.

Display advertising is best for building awareness and keeping your business top of mind. For example, if you’re launching a new product or trying to establish your brand, display advertising can be a great way to get on (and stay on) your audience’s radar.

Overall, while display advertising can be challenging, when done right it can drive great results.


For most websites, only 2% of their traffic actually takes the desired action before leaving the site. After everything it took to get them to the site, they just leave.

A significant portion of the time, non-converting visitors don’t leave because they aren’t interested in the offering. They often get distracted, want to check out the competition or were simply curious. But once they leave, they’re gone.

Retargeting—also known as remarketing—allows websites to keep their products or services in front of customer who left without converting. Done right, retargeting is an ongoing reminder that, “Hey, you were interested in this…give it another chance!”

Retargeting lets you show your ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app and leave without performing your desired action‚ remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web‚ use mobile apps‚ or search on Google. Remarketing comes in various forms such as standard remarketing‚ dynamic remarketing‚ remarketing for mobile apps‚ remarketing from search‚ video remarketing‚ and customer email list remarketing.

Why Remarketing

  • Reach people when they are most likely to make a purchase
  • Remarketing lists are tailored to advertising goals
  • Large scale reach beyond Google
  • Effective pricing
  • Visibility and control of reach‚ location‚ and frequency

eCommerce Management

eCommerce is a fantastic way to get products in front of a huge growing market. In the new move of digial India, there are now thousands online shoppers, making eCommerce a near mandatory option for most companies.

Considering the size of the opportunity, it should come as no surprise that eCommerce has become an online battle for customers. Winning at eCommerce takes a lot of skill, thought and persistence.

At digitalBE, we know what works and what doesn’t in eCommerce management. We’ve helped number of businesses succeed online and understand how to help you optimize your advertising and sales process.

Landing Page Development

Your landing page is the first visual introduction to your company — it showcases your brand’s best qualities and delivers a message. People scan these pages quickly, so they need to be organized in a way that will turn these viewers into customers without having to read a lot of information. The digitalBE will customize and develop your landing pages to be:

1. Visually appealing

2. Easy to read

3. Easy to frequently test for conversion rates

4. Easily adaptable for updates

5. Reinforcing of your brand’s mission

6. Get the maximum conversions on paid and organic clicks

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