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Secure your domain name and let experts analyze your project. You can choose your business plan in due course.
We assure you that there are not any hidden charges with the services available at digitalBE. Once you Register with digitalBE we shall start working on your business promotion project.
One time Basic Registration is mandatory for project initialization and taking any service from DigitalBE. The basic registration amount is 'Non-Refundable' in any respect and no phone calls, email or further discussion will be entertained in this regard. The Registration will be valid for a period of Three Years. 

The domain registration [a web recognization to your businss] is included with Basis Registration with a validity period of One Year. The registered domain will be solely your property and you can ask full control of that at any point of time subjected you take full responsibility of keeping the configuration and setting unaltered. The registered domain will be parked for a period of 90 days Or until you choose your Plan Or until completion of the project [whichever may occur first]. In addition, you will get an analysis on the possibility of web promotion suits to your business.
You can always UPGRADE your selected plan by paying the difference amount.
You can pay securely using your Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, e-Wallets etc for basic registration, for choosing or to upgrade your plan. The payment will be processed through third party payment gateway, you need to read and understand the 'terms and conditions' given by the payment gateway service provider. DigitalBE shall not anyhow concerned or liable for any private/personal information collected at the time of payment processing, but shall assure to provide the respective service/s as per your selected plan.

Select any ONE Suitable Business Plan by judging your business needs and considering the size of your business. However, you can complete your registration with Basic Registration only. You can opt any suitable business plan within 90 [ninty] days of your Basic Registration. Your project will not go live until you enroll for any business plan, but you can always claim your registered domain credentials within a period of one year.
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