Tips for content production in turbulent times

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In the current exceptional situation, content is more necessary than ever for corporate communication – and especially now it cannot be produced under “regular” conditions. What matters during (and very probably after) the “Corona crisis” when it comes to content for successful corporate communication, which content formats are booming and how companies get good, relevant content, we do in this – of course in the home office and written via teamwork – blog post.

From our experience, the following aspects ensure that tailor-made content for successful corporate and brand communication can be created and delivered.

Agile planning

The agile approach is the order of the day. Because: Corona suddenly interrupted those who had previously mainly planned long-term and relied on rigid, multi-level coordination processes. In exceptional times like the current one, it is important to act flexibly, up to date, and lean – mostly from home offices. Appropriate agile planning never loses sight of the content strategy but is based on its implementation

  • Flexibility and fault-tolerant learning in a team
  • short response times to current issues
  • short voting channels
  • motivated, competent team members
  • Team power – for example through ad hoc brainstorming and exchanges on current topics
  • Transparency and personal responsibility.

Yes, you read that right:

To a large extent, agility is also (or even first) a cultural issue and team effort.

Agile approach is supported from our experience by

  • Daily, short coordination rounds in the morning (maximum 15 minutes) – those familiar with Scrum recognize the “daily stand-up”.
  • Analyzes, customer feedback, social listening (tools like Talkwalker) to have current changes and brand new developments immediately on your screen
  • Tools that support agile planning (e.g. Trello)

Excursus: If you want to deal with agility further, you can read the underlying principles in the Agile Manifesto and find out for yourself what makes sense of it in your own company.

User focus & relevance

No content without a purpose – every newly created piece of content should meet the following points:

  • Pay in on the content strategy.
  • Offering specific benefits for desired users (buyer persona!) – information, entertainment, prestige/self-assurance, etc.
  • Consider the current situation/topic/mood of the user.

How can you do that well?

  • A written content strategy forms a solid foundation.
  • Content strategists, content planners, and editors should have internalized the respective buyer personas.
  • The relevance of the planned content should be critically questioned or explained before it is created (ideally also supported by analyzes or social listening, etc.).
  • Regular social listening ensures that, as a content producing company or department, you have an eye on current developments and can react to them quickly and precisely.
  • In addition, your content process should include regular rounds of analysis, lessons learned and optimization options.

Questions about content production? Do you want effective content? We are looking forward to your contact.

Speed – agile content production

The agility that is appropriate in the planning is also necessary on the content production side. This is the only way to get relevant content quickly. The same principles should apply. In addition, it makes sense to refrain from a perfect result in favor of a meaningful, possible result. From our point of view, the question must be: How is it possible to use the options now available to create the right content for my goals, so that it fulfills its purpose, interests users, and fits the brand? Not: How do I achieve the perfect, everlasting, and completely unassailable result under all circumstances. This is also a cultural issue, among other things.

Content formats

In the current time of crisis, those content formats are booming that offer authentic, human, and useful content in real-time or at least the very latest. This applies to both the B2B and B2C areas. Stories (for example on Instagram) are currently being consumed more and more. In addition, live videos (for example on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch) are now more and more part of everyday social media. In general, formats that invite interaction and entertaining content work well. But blog posts are also particularly effective at the moment – not least because users have time for longreads – and an increased need for information. Just like before the crisis, video formats (portrait format!) Are generally booming.

Creativity & Storytelling

In exceptional situations, creativity is more important than ever. In addition: Good ideas and clever storytelling are more likely to lead to content that inspires people than standard content.

Questions about agile content production? Do you need content with clever storytelling? We are looking forward to your contact!

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