Digital Marketing is a sure-shot way to ensure that your target audience learns about your product in an impactful and retainable manner. The most important thing in this regard is to be interesting and relevant and have a voice unique enough that can stand out amongst all the noise on the internet today. There are […]

Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving and changing field with immense scope for innovation. There are not set principles of Digital Marketing like other branches of knowledge. We give basic concepts and tools in Digital Marketing.  After which you have to practically implement the same. Then Digital Marketing can be deployed by ‘doing’ and ‘trying’ […]

Within the past decade since the birth of YouTube and other social media platforms, we’ve seen brand custodians and advertisers finding themselves in a sweeping current towards digital with the imperative to learn new skill sets fast. But despite the increasingly complex world of digital media consumption, the marketing fundamentals of addressing consumers’ needs, wants […]