Digital change is ongoing and accelerating.Whether you are a big or small organization, you must embrace it at the highest level within your organization, or risk becoming irrelevant. Digital transformation can be, and indeed is, defined in many ways. Simply put, it is the act of transforming the way an organization operates by incorporating digital […]

MEASUREMENT AND FEEDBACK Many organisations measure many things, but often there is still a scramble to actually find anything out. Hence, this advisory is not just about measuring everything you can, even if you don’t need the data with immediate effect. It is also about sharing data within your own organisation. Gleaning information from data […]

CULTURE AND ORGANISATIONAL FLUENCY One of the biggest obstacles to smooth digital transformation is people. Sometimes that’s due to fear of not knowing or relinquishing control, other times it may be because of reluctance to have to learn or support something new. The digital vision must be shared and understood at every level of the […]

The digitalBE objectively started to provide digital support to small business owner to promote them up to maximum extent at web world. To increase the revenue in real terms every business house needs to promote online. The digital business engine having an intention that the information provided on this website gives you enough guidance to […]